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Our passion

What happens when an entire family is passionate for nature? They abandon city life and move to countryside. This is the story of Kioutsoukis family (Dimitrios, Eleftheria and their children). Dimitrios Kioutsoukis  with his family assistance and inspiration planted 11 hectars of vines (mainly Greek grape varieties: Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Roditis, Xinomavro) in northern Greece near Thessaloniki, an area well known from ancient times for its wines. 

Dimitrios (chemical engineer- UC Davis winemaking) and his daughter Stavroula ( agronomist- oenologist) carrying on the family tradition and passionate about permaculture principles use more than organic  methods in viticulture and winemaking. Their main goal is to give birth to wines versatile, unique that express both their philosophy and the terroir.

Seeking the real taste of  life they created the Kamara pure wines, low intervention wines (natural wines).

All Kamara pure wines are naturally fermented with indigenous yeasts , have no oenological substances added and they are bottled without filtration and no added sulfites

Living wines

Let the nature be the winemaker

"Let the nature do the fertilization"   

 Does this method makes winemaking easier, or harder in the long run?

  In the first years, we have a lot of hard work to do, because human in general has destroyed the nature up to a point. The use and abuse of fertillisations, pesticides, fungicides are only some of the factors having led to this destruction as well as to a subsequent weakening of nature’s power. For generations, the majority of farmers and agronomists thought of nature as flawed, as something that really needed his intervention. So, in order to undo the negative results of those bad practices which have been going on for so many generations, hard work need to be done. We have the vineyard checked every 2 days for diseases; most of the work in the vineyard is done manually, so that we do not bother the wildlife as much as we can.

    Regarding the vinification, we could not say that the work is easier or harder. What we can certainly say is that work is more risky. We should throw away the grapes that are not 100% healthy and good and  as a consequence the production is much less than in a conventional vineyard. In the winery, the work continues with controling the wines or the fermenting musts every day. We taste the wines in order to see if there is any fault, we control the temperatures of the tanks, we check the wines in our laboratory-analysis of volatile acidity, analysis of biomass( to see the population of the yeasts ) etc.

    In the long run, to be honest, I could not say for sure whether the work will be harder or easier; for the moment we have to face a lot of difficulties, but I think –and hope!- that in the future the situation will become more stable and thus a bit easier. Right now, only one thing is beyond every doubt: that the winemaking of this type will continue to intrigue me no matter how hard it is. 


Our activities

We bring greek Authentic natural wines arround the world

Naural wine fair Helsinki 2019
« We will present our wines in the first Natural wine fair Helsinki 2019 (22 & 23/ 03 /2019) »
Rawwine Montreal 2018
« We are proud to be with Rawwinefair to present our wines »
Raw winefair Los Angeles
« We are proud to be a part of Rawwinefair LA 2018 »
« Kamara is proud to be a a part of the most successfull wine fair RAWWINE FAIR »


Our live with Real Authentic wines in our vineyards. 
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Друзья, сегодня с нами была семья Киосукис: Димитрис, стартовавший семейное хозяйство, и его прекрасная дочь Ставрула. Греция славится своей историей виноделия, но кто тянет руку к бутылке греческого вина сегодня? Вот мы и обсудили, откуда такая незадача, почему стоит обратить внимание на греческие вина, на какие именно, в чем особенность ассиртико, ксиномавро и малагузии, что такое рецина и с чем её едят. Очень позитивная беседа: сидят два грека на винограднике ассиртико под вековым деревом, пьют белую Стализму, а улыбки сияют ярче солнца. Смотреть всем, кто хочет вникнуть глубже в греческое виноделие и кто хочет почувствовать на своем лице теплый солёный воздух Эгейского моря и солнечные лучи Македонии. Всем бокал рецины с фетой, присыпанной орегано и обильно политой оливковым маслом! Будьте здоровы и жмите на play!#kamarawinery #kamarawinery_stavroula #kamaraestate #naturalwine #vinvivant #vinnaturel #vinnatur #biodynamic #biodynamicvineyard #biodynamicwines #biowines#Repost @real_authentic_wine
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Растянулись такие на виноградниках...конечно, в Греции-поди уже лето в самом разгаре! А у нас +7! Но кто нам мешает ощутить прелесть полей греческой Македонии (упс, ЕС там нас не читает? А то есть у него пунктик по поводу названия Македония🤪). Завтра 19.05 в 13:00 включение с виноградников КАМАРА. Поговорим о рецине, ассиртико, ксиномавро и даже ксиномавро блан де нуар, за который могут настучать по винодельческой шапке. Вещает Димитрис и его дочь-винодел Ставрула (большая поклонница Фили Шатийона к слову). Ждем всех завтра! Будьте здоровы! #vigneron_live #naturalwine #kamara #kamarawinery_stavroula#Repost @winesdirectirl
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Ireland (country)

The  Pét-nat is back! 💗
What’s Pét-nat? •
Pét-nat (Pétillant Naturel) or Méthode Ancestrale, is a method of sparkling wine production. Unlike traditional-method sparkling wines, like Champagne, which add sugar and yeast to dry, still wine in order trigger a second fermentation and produce bubbles, pét-nat works by bottling wine that is only partially fermented. As the first and only fermentation continues in bottle, the resulting carbon dioxide (CO2) is trapped. After a period of rest that can be as short as a couple of months, the gas is absorbed into the wine as bubbles and the pét-nat is ready to drink. (Wine Enthusiast). The crown cap holds in the fizz. Some liken it to a tasty sour beer or a juicy kombucha. And we can’t seem to keep it on the shelves (available online at and our shop in Mullingar HQ) It’s a perfect fun summer wine. •
Organic Greek Winemaker Dimitrios Kioutsoukis’ Kamara Pure is unsurprisingly, lively and brisk with fresh citrus, red fruit, and the snap of cool watermelon to the nose. To the mouth the tastes of strawberry and yeast are predominant. Grapes: Xinomavro-Malagousia-Assyrtiko
#petnat #greekwine #organicwine #naturalwine #winestagram #winesdirectdotie #wineonline #mullingar #ireland #freedelivery #winesdirect #supportsmallbusiness #covidvsireland #contactlessdelivery #contactlesspaymentI want to embrace in my arms all the beauty of nature in the  spring!!Smell it! Hear it! drink it! emjoy it! Kamarapurewines

Guided by nature, inspired by permaculture ideas, avoiding all sorts of artificial additives, we produce PURE wines from SOIL GRAPE and SUN.

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KAMARA WINERY, äntligen i beställningssortimentet! Grekiska viner från första Grekiska producenten i odlar gruppen Vinnatur och den enda grekiska producent att bli inbjuden till mässan Karakterre. Glädje i en flaska! Nr 71611-01 Nimbus Russus 2016, 289 sek. 
Nr 76617-01 Nimbus Albus , 2018, 275 sek. Missa inte deras Pet Nat som lanseras inom kort. 
Dimitrios berättar: Our Passion, our experience, our wines, our life…. Kamara Winery is Natural wines- permaculture and more than organic winemaking from Thessaloniki, Greece! Nature is the real winemaker, man is her assistant. Seeking the real taste of life created the Kamara pure wines.  Kamara Pure Nimbus Russus
Stor härlig doft av soldränkt sluttning med örter och annan växtlighet, avlöses av plommon, blåbär, lakritsrot och cigarr.  Kamara Pure Nimbus Albus
Finstämd ljus medelhavsblommighet målar upp ögonblicket. Därefter tar färsk ananas, örter och blodgrape vid och så vandrar sinnet vidare djupare ner i vinet och hittar aprikoser, vita vinbär, letchee. Temat är ljust och luftigt och avslutas med salt caramell. #greece #greekwines #thessaloniki #naturalwines #permakultur #karakterre8 #kamara #kamarawinery #kamarawinery_stavroula #divinesweden #terroir #honestwines #biodynamisk #biodynamicwines #heltärligt #äktavara #glädje #balans #personligtOur team take a break !!!
A nice place to seat down.Xinomavro bush vines. 
#kamarawinery #kamaraestate #xinomavro #naturalwine #biodynamic #biodynamicvineyard #biovin #biovines #organicwines #family #familyvine #livinginnature #livingvines #kamarawinery_stavroulaThe Magnificents four!!!Spring Quartet!!! .  Kioutsoukis family. Dimitrios Athanasios Apostolos Stavroula. 
Και οι τέσσερεις είναι υπέροχοι!!!
#kamaraestate #kamarapirewines#naturalwines#vinnaturrelles #permaculturevineyard #biowines #biodynamicvineyardOur new orange wine from amphora. Assyrtiko 80%Muscat 20%. 30 days skin contact, 7 months in amphoras with flor.You might taste it!!!!!only 250 bottles. 
#orangewine #assyrtiko#amphorawine #naturalwine#vinnaturrelles #vinnatur#kamarawinery #kamarapurewines #amberwiines#vinjaune#Repost @twofacesbar
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Two Faces

What is Restina? A traditional Greek wine, made with the addition of pine resin. This bottle from @kamarawinery_dimitris @kamarawinery_stavroula has an addition of high quality pine resin from the mountains of Evia during fermentation. If you miss travelling maybe this ancient recipe will take you somewhere new. Herbal and vegetal, bergamot, kumquat, thyme, apricot perfume, forest, barbie doll legs. Please add more notes if you find them 🌲 $50 in our store.

Guelph pick-up hours today 12pm-2pm#Repost @garkeogh
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Tasting today online with my brother @wine_gav brilliant new wines but NEVER use @facebook_live #socialdistancing #biowines#kamarawinery #kamaraestate#shadowplaywhite #naturalwine #assyrtikoCollecting Nettles as every year these days. We are preparing our compost Nettle tea. After fifteen days of fermentation we will spray our vineyards. #permaculturevineyard #biodynamicvineyard #biodynamicwines #biowinez #organicwines #permaculture #naturalwines #vinnaturel #vinnatur #weinnaturell #reimaginingwines #winesbynature


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